hydraulic rotary indexing table / vertical / with face gear / servo-driven



  • Operation:


  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    with face gear, servo-driven, CNC

  • Diameter:

    165 mm (6 in)

  • Weight:

    66 kg (145.51 lb)


The Kitagawa Europe TBX 160, a 165-mm rotary table with back side motor, is functionally designed with an internal air hydraulic booster which provides exceptionally powerful clamping forces necessary for surefire accuracy.

This rotary table is capable of a maximum spindle speed (for FANUC specification) of approximately 41.6RPM. It also has a air hydraulic type of clamping method with 450Nm clamping torque. In addition, the allowable work inertia for this rotary table is 0.26 kg.m2, whereas its gear ration is 1/72.