metal polishing unit / for complex parts / deburring



  • Machined material:

    for metals

  • Applications:

    for complex parts

  • Associated function:



Units for electrolytic polishing for metal

By using our KKS electropolishing technology with its possibility of a precise specification of all process parameters, material in micrometer range is removed from the surface of a workpiece.

Higher removal of tips and edges causes a flattening of the microscopic roughness of the surfaces and a fine deburring of edges and corners. High-glossy, burr-free, metallically clean and smooth surfaces which are minimized in their extension, are the result.

Thanks to their specifically adjustable process control, KKS electropolishing units are your guarantee for reproducible surface qualities. In one single operation step, they generate and optimize a wide range of decorative and technical-functional properties.

The systems are custom-made and adapted to individual needs.

Special features:

• Barcode reader
• Pre-cleaning
• Final cleaning with drying
• DI water loop
• Rinsing water treatment
• Automatic lid for rinsing and electropolishing tanks
• PLC connection to a central computer
• FDA compliant PLC control with recording of process data
• Fully automated process