linear actuator / hydraulic / double-rod / compact

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linear actuator / hydraulic / double-rod / compact linear actuator / hydraulic / double-rod / compact


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Our linear actuators have a basic compact design, to make it easier for the user to modify the actuator for specific purposes, when the standard models are not suitable.

Linear actuators can be used for linear movement, or, with an added link, can also provide rotary movement. One advantage of linear actuators is that they can be made smaller and narrower than rotary actuators. The standard power of these actuators is from 5 to 20 kN (1122~4489 lbf) at 210 bar (3045 psi), but they can be specially customized to have appropriate power for many different purposes.

Compared to rotary actuators, linear actuators can come in smaller sizes. However, more attention is required when using linear actuators, as they apply different levels of torque depending on the angle of the links. Pressure, force, and displacement sensors can be used with the servo valve to provide better feedback and control. Single- and double-rod types are available to accommodate control and range of motion needs.