conveying dosing feeder / vacuum / for powders / for granulates
Kleinstfördergerät Typ MIKO



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  • Product applications:

    for powders, conveying, for granulates, for pellets


The smallest conveyors for grain formed plastic pellets or ground materials

The strength of MIKO lies in the smallest material throughputs.
In combination with the Z1 intermediate hopper, a max. of 5 kg/h are conveyed. If MIKO is mounted on a Z2 intermediate hopper via a flange plate, throughputs of up to 15 kg/h are possible.

In the control unit that is integrated in the device, you can set the conveying and cleaning times and enable a fault message in case of a material shortage.

Advantages of the smallest MIKO conveyors

Height of 43 cm and weight of only 4,800 g
Robust cover from aluminium die casting with a glass ring
Capacity 1.3 l
Blower 0.65 kW – connection 230 V/50 Hz
Automatic rotor cleaning of a cartridge filter for a dust-free material transport
Easy handling: You can swivel the device without disassembly on the hopper and open the hood
Conveying capacity up to 15 kg/h, distance up to 25 m, height up to 5 m
TM MIKO with two material inputs for conveying two various materials