solid milling cutter / thread / burr / with cylindrical shank
JEL® MKG series



  • Construction:


  • Type:

    thread, burr

  • Other characteristics:

    with cylindrical shank

  • Diameter :

    Max.: 14 mm (0.55 in)

    Min.: 4 mm (0.16 in)

  • Length:

    Max.: 20 mm (0.79 in)

    Min.: 6.5 mm (0.26 in)

    74 mm (2.91 in)


This spiral fluted solid carbide tool with corrected profile is a pure thread milling tool without chamfering capability.


Diameter range from 4.0 to 14.0 mm
Pitch range: All threads available with M1.0 and M1.5 pitches
Threaded lengths: 6.5 mm-20.5 mm and 9.7 mm-20.2 mm, up to 2xD
Dimensions: From M6 for M1.0 and from M10 for M1.5
ISO metric thread as per DIN 13, ISO metric fine thread as per DIN 13, UNC thread as per ANSI B1.1, UNF thread as per ANSI B1.1, Whitworth pipe thread as per DIN EN ISO 228 and DIN EN 10226 (formerly DIN 2999)

Benefits to you

This offers the following main advantages in comparison to conventional thread cutting and roll form tapping processes:

One tool for different tolerances
For blind and through holes
Machining of different materials with one tool
Exact, repeatable thread depth
No chip root remains in the thread
High Speed Cutting (HSC) possible
Thread milling possible to the bottom of the bore hole