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pneumatic valve actuator / manual / quarter-turn / rack-and-pinion



  • Type:

    pneumatic, manual

  • Movement:


  • Technology:

    rack-and-pinion, single-acting

  • Other characteristics:

    adjustable, VDI/VDE 3845

  • Torque:

    8,000 Nm (5,900


Single-acting pneumatic actuator for mounting on quarter-turn valves (butterfly valves or ball valves). Top flange to ISO 5211. Control pressure up to 8 bar. Can be mounted on various types of valve stem ends (square end, flat end or key). Force transmission via rack-and-pinion, scotch-yoke or patented Amri yoke kinematics provides output torques of up to 8000 Nm which are ideal for actuating quarter-turn valves. Reset to fail-safe position is effected by means of spring assemblies if control air supply is interrupted. DYNACTAIR is equipped with a visual position indicator and adjustable travel stops for open/closed position as standard. Manual override can be provided on request (up to DYNACTAIR 100). For automated valve actuation, DYNACTAIR can be combined with AMTROBOX, AMTRONIC, SMARTRONIC or any other control unit with VDI/VDE 3845 interface.

All applications in water, energy and industrial engineering.