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automatic labeler / in-line / for bottles



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    in-line, for bottles


The Challenge

An East Coast orange juice bottler needed a labeling system to accurately and quickly apply decorative front and back labels to its gallon size clear jug containers. Previously, the customer’s containers were being labeled using an existing labeling system from a competitive manufacturer. However, since the customer was making the switch from applying labels to filled containers to labeling empty containers, a system with airfill capability was a much-needed feature. In addition to higher labeling speeds, tight label placement tolerance, and the need to label empty containers, the customer also needed the capability of rejecting bottles that did not meet their criteria prior to them reaching the filler.

The Solution

Label-Aire’s solution was to outfit its stainless steel/cabinet based Inline Series 6200 labeling system with a pair of Label-Aire 3125 applicators with 10″ wide roll label capability to handle the large front and back bottle labels. These wipe-on applicators provide label placement accuracy to within +/- 1/32″ (.8 mm) and like the 6200’s rugged design, can handle the toughest work environments. Because the thin-walled containers will be empty at the point of label application, the 6200’s airfill capability gives each bottle the rigidity needed for smooth and accurate labeling.