video corpo

automatic labeler / high-speed / continuous-motion / linear array



  • Operational mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-speed, continuous-motion, linear array, top, for bottles

  • Throughput:

    200 p/min


The Inline Series 6000 Zero Downtime Labeling System is a labeling system that was developed for a customer that had very specific demands for labeling 1 gallon bottles. The Label-Aire’s designers came up with this solution that included two 3115 Wipe-On labelers placed on the same side of their widely used open frame standard conveyor.
It easily labels 1-gallon jugs at speed of 200 pieces a minute, while its top trap mechanism keeps the jugs safe during the labeling process. The label placement accuracy is +/- 1/32 inch (8 mm) covering the needs for extremely precise labeling with low tolerances on displacement.
This machine allows continuous and uninterrupted pressure-sensitive labeling. This is achieved through use of two applicators utilizing the famous Label-Aire wipe-on technology. When one of them runs out of labels, the system switches to the other one enabling the process to continue without any downtime. If the bottling line stops further up the bottling process, the machine has the option of diverting bottles off the line and stops the in-feed system until the problem is solved. Finally, this machine has an auto-eject system which removes all bottles that failed the labeling process.