Bourdon tube pressure switch / industrial
BR4200 series



  • Technology:

    Bourdon tube

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This bourdon tube pressure gauge with switch function (electrical contact device) has been especially constructed for the operation with diaphragm seals. A custom bourdon tube that is reduced in volume produces a very slight temperature error. Diaphragm seals with reduced diaphragm surface areas may also be used. A large selection of LABOM diaphragm seals is available for a variety of applications.

Bourdon tube pressure gauge for diaphragm seal and switch function
Nominal range -1…3 bar to -1…15 bar, 0…4 bar to 0…400 bar
High quality case with bajonet ring NS 100
Case, measuring element and pressure connection of stainless steel
Instrumention connection welded with diaphragm seal
Small temperature error by means of reduced-volume measuring element
Process connection via diaphragm seal product group D5
Electrical contact device per DIN 16085
EAC declaration

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