modular belt conveyor / for the automotive industry / pallet / accumulation

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modular belt conveyor modular belt conveyor


  • Technology:

    modular belt

  • Sector:

    for the automotive industry

  • Product transported:


  • Other characteristics:

    accumulation, aluminum, automatic, for assembly, lightweight, modular, inclined, handling

  • Maximum load:

    Min.: 30 kg (66.139 lb)

    Max.: 250 kg (551.156 lb)

  • Speed:

    Min.: 4,500 mm/min (2.95 in/s)

    Max.: 18,000 mm/min (11.81 in/s)


The conveyor is a modular complex for the automatic handling of pallet.

It is composed of a special aluminum alloy “bar”, which is modular following the different needs of our customers.

An automated handling system has many qualifying feature because it is:

Simple to design
Easy to assemble
Easy to configure

Let’s take a closer look:

Simple to design
All Lammas products are standardized and developed in 3D environment.

Easy to assemble
Sistemas does not involve the use of special tools. It is assembled as easily as a Meccano, that fabulous construction set for children, composed by perforated bars of different lengths that could be bolted together to fashion just about everything.

You just need to combine the aluminum profile with plates, nuts, bolts and bocks in order to produce a perfect handling line; the needed components are strictly standard and readily available from the warehouse.

Thanks to Sistemas, any handling line you may envisage is already available.

The manufacturing equipment designed and built by Lammas has been adopted in many plants: this is the best insurance for its reliability.
Moreover, the construction features of Sistemas enable all mechanical parts and system units to be replaced easily and quickly.

Easy to configure
The reconfiguration of all the elements that made up your Sistemas is possible thanks to the standard profile engineering principle, the mass production and the modular assembly and disassembly of all its components.
All possible variants are quickly available, so the lines can be promptly adapted to all new requirements.