single-cylinder road roller / towed
max. 3.2 m



  • Type:


  • Options:


  • Operating weight:

    Min.: 11,910 kg (26,257.1 lb)

    Max.: 16,529 kg (36,440.2 lb)


The performance of each of the models can be altered by adding or removing ballast from the rollers. Pressure per square inch ranges from 201 to 418 depending on the model and type of ballast used. The size of the packer teeth on the small model 48 x 48 is 7 tall by 2 ½ wide. The larger models all use packer teeth that are 9 tall by 3 wide. Tooth design is elliptical for increased speed and higher percentage of pack with less chipping. The frames are independently flexible for each drum. The drums are equipped with standard cleaners, which operate in forward and reverse, to keep moist wet soil from building up.