machine tool vise / 5-axis / hardened steel / self-centering
Makro-Grip Series



  • Applications:

    for machine tools

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    hardened steel, self-centering, compact, center-clamping, with clamping system, concentric, multi-person, 5-face machining

  • Max. clamping force:

    14 kN, 20 kN

  • Stroke:

    Max.: 355 mm (14 in)

    Min.: 0 mm (0 in)


Makro-Grip 5-Axis Vice - Compact and unmatched holding power for the 5-face machining of blanks and unfinished parts.

- Best accessibility for 5-face machining
- Exceptional holding power with lowest clamping forces due to the patented stamping technology
- High repeat accuracy for insterting workpieces without an endstops
- Easy and flexible handling due to lightweight vices
- Integrated zero-point interface
- 3 different jaw widths (46mm / 77mm / 125mm), clamping ranges 0-355mm