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Lantech Lid Applicators and Lid Formers Produce Square Lids

Your packaging processes require different styles of lids in different flutes and wall thicknesses. Our precision Lid Applicator and Lid Former are designed to manage your lids throughout the entire process without losing control, with a square lidded tray or case as end result.
A universal blank magazine supports the use of a wide range of (asymmetric) lid styles and sizes. Independent transport belts with a precise separation mechanism makes sure every blank is presented straight to the suction cup pickup frame.
A mechanical driven pick-up frame ensures the transport from the magazine to the gripper position. Vacuum cups hold the blank firmly and keep it from shifting as they transfer to the horizontal blank position.
We keep control over the blank during transport to the tray erector forming unit. Grippers center the blank before it is taking over from the suction cups. After taking over the grippers keep the blank straight to avoid sagging of the blank.
During transport to the forming unit, hot melt is applied to the tray blank. Exact positioning of the hot melt through an encoding system saves glue and avoids spilling of the glue.
Encoder controlled tray blank transport ensures that the blank is always delivered exactly above the tray forming position. After the blank is stamped through the tray forming unit, the 4 sides of the tray are simultaneous pressed and glued, with which a perfect square tray is created.