oxygen analyzer / carbon / nitrogen / hydrogen
CHNOS Elemental Analyzer | TruSpec Micro



  • Measured entity:

    oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, sulfur

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The TruSpec Micro instrument uses the latest technologies to deliver reliability and performance in CHNS/O determination in a variety of micro samples. The components work together to provide consistency, less downtime, reduced maintenance, and rapid analysis times. The types of samples the instrument can measure include biofuels, petroleum products, chemical processing products such as plastics and solvents, etc, in sizes ranging from 1-mg to 10-mg. It complies with the following approved methods: ASBC, AACC, ISO, AOAC, and ASTM. Accurate results are provided for all elements within four minutes. Data exporting and reporting is customizable, and data handling is simplified. The gas conversion mode is user-definable and helps prevent gas from being wasted.