hydrogen analyzer / ORP / benchtop
0.1 - 2 500 ppm | DH603

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hydrogen analyzer / ORP / benchtop hydrogen analyzer / ORP / benchtop - 0.1 - 2 500 ppm | DH603


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LECO Corporation presents DH603. It uses residual, diffusible, and complete hydrogen measurements to provide quick and accurate determination of hydrogen. The instrument is very sturdy. It is used for measuring the amount of residual hydrogen available in ferrous alloys. When attached with an optional, built-in sample piercer, it can also measure diffusible and residual hydrogen. Applications of DH603 are for optimization of industrial process in production of iron and steel, hydrogen characterization in raw materials and welding materials.

DH603 has a compact footprint. It comes with an easy-to-use operating software. Its advanced design ensures greater instrument safety and dependability. With the DH603, a single analyzer is sufficient for measurement of total (residual) as well as diffusible hydrogen. It provides a broad dynamic range of 0.1 to 2500 ppm for residual and diffusible hydrogen. It provides a quick analysis time. With gas dose calibration, use of reference materials is eliminated for calibration. Downtime is minimized by on-board diagnostics.