data acquisition and analysis software / for mass spectrometry / 32/64-bit Windows system



  • Function:

    data acquisition and analysis

  • Applications:

    for mass spectrometry

  • Operating system:

    32/64-bit Windows system


The ChromaTOF by LECO is specifically and especially designed and developed to provide a helpful system mainly ideal for operators and users of the same field. The software is incorporated with an easy-to-use functionality which also boasts its advanced qualitative and quantitative capabilities into a single user-friendly system. The ChromaTOF has several advantages and benefits which includes a protected data file access, maximized chromatographic resolution, reduced need for dilution and re-analysis of high concentration samples and accurate isotopic spectral patterns. It also contains a variety of special features and functionality such as the reduced routine tasks and free up operator time with automated tuning and the reporting of the non-calibrated compounds in a Semi-Quantitative Analysis approach with total ease.