GC-MS spectrometer / TOF-MS / laboratory / for analysis
GC-TOF-MS |Pegasus® BT



  • Type:


  • Field:

    laboratory, for analysis, for food analysis, for the food industry, for scientific applications, for the pharmaceutical industry, for chemical detection, for wine profiling, for organic chemistry, for oil industry applications

  • Other characteristics:

    benchtop, GC-MS


This novel benchtop GC-TOFMS mass spectrometer gives you more uptime, and improved, richer chemical data comparing with conventional quadruple GC-MS.
Find and quantify an unlimited number of analytes—in every run, every time. No need for multiple injections to gather all sample information.
StayClean™ Ion Source virtually eliminates the need for ion source cleaning. You can spend time running more samples, increasing the productivity of your laboratory.
ChromaTOF® brand software is fully integrated single platform for instrument control, data acquisition and industry-leading data processing algorithms, removing the guesswork involved with analyte identification and quantification. Automated NonTarget Deconvolution™ algorithms ensure that coeluting peaks and matrix interferences do not stand in the way of your analyses.