security camera / B&W / CCD / cooled
max. 3 000 °F

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security camera / B&W / CCD / cooled security camera / B&W / CCD / cooled - max. 3 000 °F


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    cooled, for furnaces


The FireSight viewing system requires a boiler wall penetration of only 2-3/8 in. With its small size, the system will normally fit between boiler tubes and can often be used with existing wall penetrations.

FireSight systems provide the highest image clarity in the industry. The Light Volume Control feature, a Lenox exclusive, consists of a remote-controlled motorized iris and spot filter located in the furnace lens. With the Light Volume Control, an operator can easily adjust the amount of light transmitted to the camera, eliminating the flaring common with other systems and ensuring a high-quality image from initial light off to maximum load.

FireSight also has a proven record of reliable performance that is unmatched by any other system available today. Lenox manufactures all critical components, including the grinding and polishing the lenses in the company's own optical shop. The system features quartz optics that withstand temperatures up to 1200°F higher than the glass lens used in other systems. The compressed air cooling system provides reliable performance while using considerably less air than competing systems. The rugged furnace lens/periscope assembly has been proven reliable in hundreds of applications and, in fact, tests show it will survive far longer than competing systems in the event of a coolant interruption.