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data cable reel / retractable / motorized / swiveling

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data cable reel data cable reel - LHDMI-20B


  • Type:

    data cable

  • Drive mechanism:

    retractable, motorized

  • Configuration:

    swiveling, transportable

  • Other characteristics:


  • Hose/cable length:

    20'00" (6.1 m)


20' foot HDMI cable retractable reel - by Lightcast Black 5 position swivel mount See our many other reels. Call for 4k option. If cable color is critical, call for available colors. New motorized reels coming - call for pricing. Orders of 5 or more may take lead times to build. Call for custom cable quotes such as, cat6a, cat7, outdoor certified or armored. CAll for new price on volumes of 4 or more. CAll about additional 2 and 3 year warranty pricing. retractable HDMI cable reel 20' foot HDMI cable reel -- Call for optional longer pigtails (non retracting side)
This is a 1.3 HDMI for 1080p and 1080i.

Any type HDMI cable may not work if connected to a HDMI wall socket port due to extra length in the wall or possible extra amp in port when our reel uses an internal amp or due to no amped port when reel has no internal amp. Also an issue occurs when the reel using an amp is pointed the wrong way. Our 20' retract and 3' pigtail reels is not amped works fine source to monitor or monitor to source. We suggest call in and inquire unless you know its 15' with 3' pigtail or less and direct from source to monitor only, so no inner wall cords or add-ons like splitters.
If laptop or Blu-ray to (monitor) projector or TV is fine, no need to call. Call for our 1.4 HDMI reels work for 4gbps and 10.2gbps in 3D and 720, 1080i or 1080p, 4k at 24 fps which is standard now. Blu-ray HDMI max is 54Mbps. These Ultra With HDMI 1.4 it is 8-bit with 4K. Super advanced HDMI usage and some have not been tested on our very best HDMI reels as of 8/21/17 like dual 3d VR ( 2 people watch a movie in 3d from different views ) or 3D audio like at Dolby ATMOS audio.