multi-turn potentiometer / single-turn / AC-motorized / wire-wound



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    multi-turn, single-turn

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Motorized Potentiometer are high precision proportional controls for automating analog driven devices. On Line Controls offers manually adjustable motorpots which combine a highly reliable potentiometer, with a slip clutch, geartrain and motor ina a single panel mount assembly. Replacement units for Old ETI motorized potentiometers are available. AC units available in 115 VAC and 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 or 15 RPMs.
Please specify:
* single turn or 10 turn potentiometer; wirewound or conductive plastic.
* single gang, or dual gang potentiometers
* Ohmage
* Voltage
* RPMs
OLC manufactures all its motorized potentiometers from the highest quality components available and all units are made to order. The main characteristics of our motorized potentiometers are smooth performance, high linearity and resolution, reliable terminations and durability.