heat treatment furnace / tubular / electric / controlled atmosphere
max. 1150 °C, 88 kW | FRHT series Linn High Therm



  • Function:

    heat treatment

  • Configuration:


  • Heat source:


  • Atmosphere:

    controlled atmosphere

  • Other characteristics:


  • Maximum temperature:

    Max.: 1,150 °C (2,102 °F)


The FRHT series is composed of laboratory split tube furnaces developed by Linn High Therm specifically for heat treatment of Stents. It has five zones with Inconel 601 retort to treat stents. Stents are put inside the magazines and then the magazines with be places in the retort in a manual manner. When the heat treatment is finished the magaxine will be let into a water bath which is fixed to the front end of the design. Each zone possesses an own temperature control unit G800 with RS 485 interface.

In addition, the temperature has an accuracy rate of more than 3500 mm +/- 5 K.

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