polyurethane cart / portal / for Euro containers / pallet box
TP.1E-Euro 526-0015 *



  • Material:


  • Structure:


  • Intended load:

    for Euro containers, pallet box, pallet, for transport dollies

  • Other characteristics:

    two-sided loading

  • Carrying capacity:

    1,000 kg (2,205 lb)



two-sided loading
Euro dimensions 1200 x 800 mm
electrical lift function
virtual clutch and drawbar system
compatible with transport dolly art. no.: 521-6000-28

technical data:

robust, welded frame construction, open on both sides
virtual clutch and drawbar system
protecting the drawbar against uncontrolled falling if the spring breaks
lifting function for transport dollies via electrical hydraulic, lifting capacity: max. 1,000 kg
two-sided operation via hand-operated button
status display of position of load carrier via electrical
position controlling display (signal lights)
compatible with transport dolly art. no.: 521-6000-28

serial running gear:

2 fixed and 2 swivel castors with polyurethane tread,
colour green, non-marking, die-cast aluminium hub,
75° Shore A, swivel castors with “stop-fix” wheel and
rotating assembly lock, all castors with ball bearings,
Ø 200 mm
foot protection on all castors