heat treatment furnace / conveyor / roller / continuous

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heat treatment furnace / conveyor / roller / continuous heat treatment furnace / conveyor / roller / continuous


  • Function:

    heat treatment

  • Configuration:

    conveyor, roller

  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, automatic, for aluminum


Continuous Heat Treatment Lines CHL for structural parts are used for heat treatment of die-casted Aluminium body components. The automatic line consists of solution annealing and ageing furnaces which are equipped with roller or chain conveyor and Air Quench System AQS.

Structural parts for car bodies are heat treated on the Continuous Heat Treatment Line CHL. The processing includes:

Solution Annealing
Quenching with air
Age Hardening
Those processes are executed as fully automatic operations. In present production lines for body components all systems must be fully integrated into the material flow of the whole production in order to avoid unnecessary handling operations and mixing of parts of different treatment conditions. This can be realized with the CHL by seamless integration.

The continuous furnaces are available with different handling systems, specially designed for the parts concerned.

The parts are placed on trays or into baskets. Trays and baskets are adapted to the specific requirements of the intended spectrum of parts. Trays and baskets are handled within the line only or can also be used for inhouse transportation.

The furnaces of the heat treatment line can be arranged in parallel on the same level or in double layer arrangement. Movement of the goods between the layers is effected by integrated elevators.

Each furnace consists of several sections with individual control and heating. Heating of the furnaces is done by natural gas or by electrical heaters.