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UV curing system
200 W | OmniCure® S2000

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UV curing system UV curing system - 200 W | OmniCure® S2000


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The OmniCure S2000 spot UV curing lamp system offers the highest level of process control and consistency with real-time Closed-Loop Feedback technology using an integrated optical UV sensor. When paired with an OmniCure R2000 radiometer, the S2000 light curing system is unmatched in precision light delivery and repeatable adhesive curing results.

When it comes to peace-of-mind and the consistent results of a production process, the OmniCure S2000 is recognized as the global leader in spot UV curing lamp systems for bonding precision assemblies using light-cured adhesives. With a powerful 200 Watt UV lamp output, broad spectral adhesive compatibility and automatic hours of use tracking via its patented Intelli-Lamp technology, the S2000 is the most value-added and intelligent UV curing lamp system of its kind.