oil analyzer / water / temperature / for integration

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oil analyzer / water / temperature / for integration oil analyzer / water / temperature / for integration - AE-2


  • Measured entity:

    oil, water

  • Measured value:


  • Configuration:

    for integration


Petroleum hydrocarbons analyzer AE-2 is designed for continuous automatic monitoring of content of petroleum hydrocarbons in potable, natural, and waste water. The instrument comprises a sample preparation unit and a FLUORAT®-type luminescence detector. The sample preparation unit provides metered water feed and switching of the water and reagent flows, control of temperature, mixing and mass-exchange processes. The detector (or optical cell) performs the detection of luminescence of petroleum hydrocarbons extracted by hexane from the sample using a patented chromato membrane technology.

Typical measurement cycle duration is 5 - 15 min (depending on concentration of the analyzed sample).

Features and benefits:
Continuous on-line monitoring;
Digital data processing;
High measuring rate;
Low interference from suspended particles;
Automatic cleaning of the hydraulic system of the analyzer in case of contamination;
Programmable sample intake rate.

Application examples:

Environmental monitoring:
Manufacturing waste water monitoring;
Drain water monitoring at thermal and nuclear power plants;
Monitoring reservoirs with potential sources of pollution by petroleum hydrocarbons;
Water monitoring in the harbour.

Process monitoring:
Quality control of water in technological circuits of thermal and nuclear power plants;
Monitoring of the leakage of oils/lubrication materials;
Monitoring of water-preparation facilities;
Quality control of feed water for heating mains.