chemical pump / electric / semi-submersible / centrifugal
Pump set B2 Vario PP



  • Media:

    for chemicals

  • Operation:


  • Priming:


  • Technology:


  • Domain:

    for the chemical industry, for laboratories

  • Other characteristics:

    mobile, drum, drain, for firefighting foam, polypropylene

  • Flow:

    Max.: 75 l/min (19.8129 us gal/min)

    Min.: 0 l/min (0 us gal/min)

  • Pressure:

    0 bar (0 psi)

  • Head:

    Max.: 7 m (22'11")

    Min.: 0 m (0'00")

  • Power:

    200 W (0.27 hp)


Pump set for thin-bodied fluids
such as battery acid, ammonia solution, photographic developer/-fixer, glycols, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide.

For filling small quantities from hobbocks, canisters and drums.

• Motor Lutz B2 Vario, 200 W internally ventilated
Delivery rate:75 l/min
Delivery head:max. 7 m wc
Viscosity:max. 300 mPas

Immersion depth:
500 mm (for emptying hobbocks)
700 mm (for emptying canisters)
1,000 mm (for empying drums)

Pump set consisting of:
Lutz B2 Vario polypropylene, 1,5m PVC spiral hose 3/4", Lutz-nozzle PP, hose clips, wall bracket.