microglass filter medium / liquid / oil
max. 40 μm | LyPore® series



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    liquid, oil


LyPore microglass filtration media is Lydall's workhorse product for liquid filtration. These grades have a history of success in a variety of applications. The small diameter fibers give microglass media superior efficiency and dirt holding as compared to cellulose and synthetic media. The LyPore microglass filtration media grades deliver unmatched value given their premium performance characteristics. LyPore microglass filtration media is available in standard, epoxy binder, FDA and binder free grades. Surface treatments can be implemented to enhance filter performance, such as with oil repellent and hydrophobic filters.

FDA (Food, Beverage & Drinking Water) Grades

The LyPore microglass filtration media line for food & beverage production and potable water filtration uses a food grade acrylic latex binder. All of the raw materials comply with 21 CFR regulations and filters using this media have met NSF component requirements. These very high efficiency grades range from 0.2 μm to 2.0 μm particulate removal ratings. They are ideal for removing microbiological contaminants such as cysts and bacteria.
Binder Free Grades

Binder Free Grades

Binder free grades are ideal for diagnostic and pharmaceutical applications requiring very low extractables. The surface and depth characteristics of these grades are optimized for fast, uniform wet-out and high wet tensile strength. LyPore microglass filtration media binder free grades are produced to rigorous standards for cleanliness and purity. Endotoxin control is available as a production option when strict biological compatibility is required. These grades meet applicable 21 CFR and USP Class VI requirements.