liquid level indicator / magnetic / float / radar



  • Fluid:


  • Technology:

    magnetic, float, radar

  • Display:

    direct-reading, analog

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, metal


The Gemini™ Magnetic Level Indicator was developed by Magnetrol, and features a twin chamber design. It has over 18 configuration styles, some of which are not available in plastics. The second chamber of the product starts the installation of the Eclipse Guided Wave Radar transmitter to ensure redundant measurement readings. The float stands for a single point of indication through the help of standard magnetic indicators with side clamp-on transmitters.

As the transmitter does not rely on interaction with the float for measurements, it can continually measure the liquid level accurately. The product is suitable for use with feedwater heaters, industrial boilers, oil water separators, flash drums, surge tanks, and gas chillers. Optional accessories such as level switches, level transmitters, a stainless steel scale, and custom scales are also available.