radar level sensor / TDR-guided wave radar / for high-viscosity liquids / for storage tanks



  • Technology:

    radar, TDR-guided wave radar

  • Medium:

    for high-viscosity liquids

  • Applications:

    for storage tanks


Selecting the correct guided wave radar probe is the most critical decision during the application process. The configuration of the probe establishes characteristics that are fundamental to performance. The Coaxial, twin element (rod or cable) and single element (rod or cable) are the basic configurations used today, each with its own individual strengths and weaknesses.

The single-element GWR probes have a different operation from the twin and coaxial design. There are pulses of energy that have been developed between the center rod as well as the mounting nut flange. The pulse propagates down the rod as the reference is grounded at the tank tops. The pulse efficiency is directly related to how the metallic surface exists around the vessel top. The transmission of a signal is significantly improved by placing a single rod inside of the bridle or chamber.