horizontal case packer-palletizer / automatic / compact



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  • Unit throughput:

    10 p/min


A horizontal case packer and palletizer are combined in a compact, single form with the MCP840 model, which is automatic, ergonomic, durable and reliable. It is designed to first pack products in cases and then palletize them. Thanks to the use of automated solutions, flexibility and speed are increased and productivity is enhanced. A high-performance and versatile Gigacombi robot manages the palletizing process.

With a dedicated version, two de-palletizing and palletizing stations are enabled for use at the same time. This technology makes it possible for the pallet to be changed in one station while the other station is undergoing operation. Customization options are available, including the possibility of barcode, labeling devices, printers and scanners being installed. Located on the front of the MCP840, the magazine is the place into which the case blank is fed.

A Siemens 677 PC and brushless motors control and perform all functions automatically.