automatic filler and capper / cosmetic cream / for liquids / for pharmaceutical products
max. 100 p/min | ML611



  • Operational mode:


  • Product applications:

    cosmetic cream, for liquids, for pharmaceutical products, bottle

  • Type:

    linear, volumetric

  • Other characteristics:



Marchesini Group is known for its high quality equipment. One of the best products of this company is a motion linear filler that are especially made to handle bottles of big volume of up to 1 liter. The reason why this equipment stands out is its clear separation between the bottle transport and mechanical area. The bottles transport on stainless steel structure which makes the transaction smooth and fast. It has a one of a kind balcony designed filling area that is build according to CGMP standards. This is perfect for cosmetic industry and has a variable nozzle stroke driven by a Brushless motor. The volumetric dosing through electromagnetic flow meters of Coriolis mass flow meters which ensures its reliability.