automatic packaging machine / blister / for the medical industry
max. 60 p/min | MB421



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  • Domain:

    for the medical industry

  • Throughput:

    Min.: 0 p/min

    Max.: 60 p/min


The MB421 is a blister packaging machine with a forming unit at the back and a wide selection of feeding systems. This machine is designed for medium and small production batches. The feeding system, such as a dedicated or universal loader, depends on the type(s) of product requiring processing.

There is a possibility of processing blisters made of aluminum + aluminum, PET and PVC, PVC + aluminum, Aclar, polypropylene and COC with dedicated technology. Additional features include a logic control with safety devices, a display on which variable parameter changes can be automatically set, a dedicated reels compartment clear safety guards and a balcony structure for the separation of operational and mechanical parts.

The reels compartment is located on the back of the machine and houses web material. Consistent quality is guaranteed with the logic control system.