production management software / control / traceability / network



  • Function:

    control, traceability, production management

  • Applications:

    network, for the food industry, TCP

  • Operating system:



Production Management System for ZX indicator. The MATRIX CG software gives you full information about the processing of your MARELEC scale or grader. Easily generate and save the reports you want with the "report generator". Each report can also be saved as an excel sheet with one touch.
Get every report you want with the MARELEC report generator:
Total of boxes per date, product or client or any combination
Traceability: Get all the details about a box: when it was made, what the weight was, etc.
Details of the processed boxes (of a specific product, client or day)
Fast: data is read in realtime due to the 100Mbit/s TCP/IP network connections
Label management: Create any label you want with the MARELEC Label Designer!
Configure your scale or grader from your desk with the MARELEC Remote control and Configure functions!
Operating systems: Win2000, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8(.1), Windows 10
Multiple languages: Dutch, French, English, Spanish, Norwegian

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