hydraulic vibrator / for hoppers / external



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    for hoppers

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The small yet powerful Brute® Hydraulic Vibrator, with its cradle lug brackets, is perfect for removing material blockage from vessels and for railcar unloading.

Powerful hydraulic vibrators prove their value in the toughest applications - the evacuation of stubborn materials from railcars and large storage vessels.

Features and Benefits:
High-Grade Ductile Iron Case provides maximum durability.
Low-Maintenance Bearings require lubrication after 500 hours of service.
Integral Clamp Foot on CCV Series provides portability and positive mounting.
Powerful, Efficient Motor for long service life, minimal power consumption.
Adjustable Eccentrics allow tuning of force output of most models to match application.
Designed for long service life, minimal power consumption.

CCV Series With an integral clamp foot, these powerful vibrators suit portable applications like railcar unloading.
DV Series For permanent installation on large vessels, these vibrators come with four- or six-bolt-hole mount bases.
CV Series CV Series Vibrators incorporate two bolt-holes for permanent mounting on hoppers, bins, or chutes.
CC Series With its cradle lug bracket, the CC Series is suited for applications requiring portability and position changes.