positive displacement flow meter / for oil / for fuel / compact



  • Technology:

    positive displacement

  • Fluid:

    for oil, for fuel

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, direct-reading, with pulse output, with counting function, stand-alone, multifunction, remote, fraud-proof

  • Applications:


  • Process pressure:

    Max.: 25 bar (362.59 psi)

    Min.: 2 bar (29.01 psi)

  • Process temperature:

    Max.: 80 °C (176 °F)

    Min.: -40 °C (-40 °F)

  • Volumetric flow rate:

    Max.: 100 l/h (26.4 us gal/h)

    Min.: 2 l/h (0.5 us gal/h)


Features of fuel flow meter

Pulse output for remote readout
Led indication for actual flow
Strong metal moulded case
Flow meter design provides a fuel flow even when measuring ring has stopped
Ease of mounting and operation
Mounting in any position
Built-in fuel filter
Extended work range and accurate measurement ensured by digital
processing of signal
Stable to vibrations and hydraulic
Wide clearing section minimizes hydraulic resistance of fluid flow
Sustainable product design:
- Low power consumption
- Lightweight and compact