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insulated sheath / protective insulated sheath / protective - ISORAD


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ISORAD insulated cases have been designed to reduce as much as possible the heat losses from the injection press plastification cylinders. The result is obtained reverberating the cylinder heat leak by means of a specific reflecting mirror. The residual thermal dispersion is further reduced by a layer of insulating material that is interposed between the internal reflecting mirror and the external surface.
ISORAD cases are completely independent from the electric heaters beneath and can shield cylinder sections that contain several heating zones. Installation is very easy thanks to the screw stays located along the opening axis of the case. Along this same axis, a longitudinal slot is realised, which allows to route outside the power supply cables and the temperature sensor cables of the cylinder heating system. ISORAD cases allow to save a considerable amount of the electrical energy dedicated to the cylinder heating. Tests made in our laboratory showed a saving of about 45%. In addition, their accurate construction grants a valuable aesthetical appearance to the press cylinder.