double-shaft shredder / chip / compact
35 - 600 kg/h | TA series



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Chip Shredders / Crushers
Chip shredders and crushers are often the first step in a chip handling and processing system to reduce the chip size to enable proper processing or transport, especially via overhead systems. Chip shredders also provide value as a potential stand-alone solution to reduce the volume and transportation costs associated with your scrap.

With over 13 models available, covering a range of throughputs and sizes from machine-tool level to central systems, Mayfran can provide a system that fits your specific needs. All models are auto-reversing to clear jams and can include tramp part rejection. The products offered include:

* MA (Mono Shaft) shredder for at-the-tool applications
* TA (Twin Shaft) shredder for greater throughput in a compact package
* Rip Shear shredders for feeding TD-Series pneumatic discharge wringers
* VC (Vertical Shaft) crushers for high-capacity central processing systems