TIG welder / portable / pulsed DC / three-phase
MobiTIG series



  • Technique:


  • Other characteristics:

    portable, pulsed DC, three-phase, single-phase, with integrated display, with cooling

  • Current:

    Max.: 300 A

    Min.: 3 A


The welding units MobiTIG 190 DC, MobiTIG 280 DC and TIG 300 D Care suitable for TIG welding in DC of stainless steel, mild steel and copper. All units can operate in MMA/stick electrode mode. The units can be characterized by numerous features.

Continuous setting of the welding current.
Low weight, portable.
2-stroke/4-stroke operation.
High frequency (HF) and LiftTIG ignition.
Socket for remote control.
Digital display for all parameters, with predisplay and hold function for welding current.

Job programs (MobiTIG).
2 welding currents with activation at the welding torch.
TIG pulsation as a standard.
Adjustable start/final current and downslope time.