MIG-MAG welding torch / air-cooled / water-cooled / with fume extraction



  • Technique:


  • Cooling mechanism:

    air-cooled, water-cooled

  • Other characteristics:

    with fume extraction

  • Current:

    Max.: 450 A

    Min.: 250 A


All types of welding generate fumes and pollutants that are dangerous to human health and the environment. Among the various systems currently available for fume extraction at the workplace, fume extraction torches are the friendliest to health, and the most effective.

To extract the welding fumes directly at the source of generation sounds convincing: And yet, all of the currently available extraction torches on the market are generally rejected by welders, who are instead, prepared to take the health risks associated with welder’s lung.

The reasons are obvious: too large, too bulky, too heavy and too unwieldy are the most common statements. But now there‘s an alternative!

The extremely slim yet robust torch body of the Merkle fume extraction torch has an outside diameter of only 30 mm (gas cooled), and only 34 mm in the water cooled version. This opens up completely new possibilities for efficient, health protecting welding, even in the most confined of spaces.