mixing and metering unit with piston pump / resin / two-component / benchtop



  • Type:

    with piston pump

  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    two-component, benchtop, servo-driven


Specifically developed to incorporate the latest METER MIX® in-line drive mechanism (ILD), the PAR 3CE & PAR 3CTE machines provide reliable, advanced flow rate and ratio control characteristics during dispense, with the added benefit of electric servo drive speed and shot size control. ILD also assists the accurate and consistent processing of materials with high mix ratios or vastly differing viscosities.

Incorporating the same robust and proven metering and mixing principles as the original PAR 3, the advanced PAR 3CE & PAR 3CTE provide the perfect solution to many applications. In addition, the PAR 3CE & PAR 3CTE can also be interfaced with automated systems for fully or semi-automatic applications.

Typical Applications
- Electronic Potting
- Casting
- Moulding
- Component Bonding
- Brush Setting

Typical Materials
- Polyurethane
- Epoxy
- Silicone
- Methacrylate

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