impact crusher / stationary / secondary / horizontal-shaft
Nordberg® NP13™



  • Technology:


  • Mobility:


  • Other characteristics:

    secondary, horizontal-shaft

  • Capacity:

    Max.: 320 t/h (196 lb/s)

    Min.: 200 t/h (122 lb/s)


For secondary and tertiary applications, the optimized, steeper design enables greater benefits, as the discharge curve is less sensitive to blow bar wear. This enables you to produce more consistent end products without changing the blow bars. To further improve your productivity, the maximum available power has been increased to 315 kW on a single drive.
Cost effectiveness and high Metso quality
The system remarkably increases your long-term profitability and gives you better control of the crusher along with a complete view of the parameters for more accurate crusher monitoring. Among other benefits, the automatic setting calibration ensures accurate control of the discharge curve, even with abrasive materials. The wide selection of seven different blow bars gives you the assurance of having the right tool for all applications, regardless of the abrasiveness of the crushed material. You can choose manganese, martensitic steel or chromium iron for the blow bar material in combination with ceramic inserts.
Quick, easy and safe maintenance; higher uptime

Better crushing efficiency with less recirculation load
More throughput, the most cost-efficient solution
Removable breaker plate cassette on NP13 ensures the safe replacement of breaker plate liners
The patented Self-Rotation Rotor (SRR) system is the centralized point for the setting adjustment and blow bar change, and further increases safety during maintenance operations