numeric display / 8-digit / 7-segment / RS485



  • Type:


  • Features:

    8-digit, 7-segment

  • Other characteristics:

    RS485, panel-mount

  • Applications:

    for pressure measurement



·Max.connect two transmitters and display max.3 values;

·Max.processing 3 informations(2 transmitters, 1 difference value), display 3 informations, and output isolated signal 4~20mADC or 0/1~5VDC;

·Set upper and lower limit for max.3 displayed information;

·Two communication interface, RS232/CAN remote or RS485/CAN remote communication; flexible netting application;

·Special remote communication interface can complete long-distance data transmitting;

·Max.display range -1999~999999, valid display range -1999~9999;

·Basic point value set freely (basic point: displayed value at transmitter zero or height above sea level);

·No power adjustment available;

·Easy installation, plate or desk installation;。


MSB9438 pressure/level displayer could receive 2 standard input signals, display information on 3 screens; the 3rd screen displays the difference between values on 1st and 2nd screen, and output 3 standard signals.

The product is used for petroleum, electricity and water, city fold prevent and control, especially pressure/level measure, display, control and signal output of water and electricity, chemi-industry, and industry control fields, etc.