differential pressure controller / digital / transmitting / RS485
MPM484C, MDM484C series



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    differential, digital, transmitting, RS485


Φ100mm outline, highlight LED with full 4-digit pressure display

·Various power supply optional

·RS485 interface with Modbus_RTU protocol, convenient for networking and data transmission

·Available for remote setting for zero and span display value and control value

·Analog output 4mA~20mADC or 0V~10VDC

·2-way controlling contact, contact value and contact status with any setting available

·Return difference setting for each controlling contact to avoid contact chattering, stable operation


MPM/MDM484C pressure controller is a full-digital measurement transmitting controller combining pressure/differential pressure measurement, display, relay control and output together with RS485 interface with Modbus_RTU protocol. It can be installed in pressure/differential pressure measurement places or control panel of test-bed. Users could set many kinds of parameters including zero, span value and controlling contact value by keys and also could realize networking, digital signal transmission and remote setting and calibration for transmitter parameters through RS485 bus function. It is widely used in industrial controlling areas including hydro-power, metallurgy and chemical industry for pressure/differential pressure measurement and control of fluid.