magnetic belt conveyor / chip / inclined / mobile



  • Technology:

    magnetic belt

  • Product transported:


  • Other characteristics:

    inclined, mobile, automatic


Permanent magnet conveyor belts are transport devices that work automatically. They are particularly suitable for flat or sloping transport of magnetic pieces, and for separating magnetic items present in cooling fluids. They can also be used in ferromagnetic machining of broaching machines, milling machines, drilling machines, lathes and transfer machines.

In addition, permanent magnet conveyor belts can be used to transport punching and shearing trimmings as well as pieces moulded in and by machine tools, presses, hardening furnaces, and central shavings disposal plants.

Suitable for wet and dry transport.


A conveyor belt is made up of:

a solid and closed supporting structure; maintenance - friendly transmission chains; efficient permanent magnet systems resistant to demagnetisation;
a transport plane complete with a slide made of anti magnetic alloy steel;
a reversal device with automatic tensioning sprocket; a drive complete with geared motor.
Permanent magnet conveyor belts are maintenance - friendly and are manufactured with different standard widths and heights.