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The Side-Loc Xpansion Clamp is actuated from the side, making it perfect for blind hole applications

It's produced for both mill and lathe applications. The cam shaft and plunger expands the clamp from the side. Same mounting dimensions as our original ID clamp.

The Side-Loc Xpansion Clamp is an ideal way to hold parts on the bore when you cannot access the tapered screw. The Side-Loc Xpansion Clamp is actuated by turning a socket head cam shaft on the side, which moves a tapered plunger to expand the clamp. The locking ring provides an accurate preset diameter and rigidity for machining. Like our original ID Xpansion clamps, the Side-Loc Xpansion Clamp has the dead length feature which is critical for close tolerance dimensions.

The Side-Loc Xpansion Clamp is designed in two styles: one for milling operations and one for lathe applications. Presently one size is available for each model. The mill Side-Loc Xpansion Clamp can be machined from 28.4 to 18 mm and the lathe version from 53 to 18 mm. The lathe version has a 25mm straight shank.