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rain gauge rain gauge - RAINAHEAD®


MJK rain gauge, rainAhead, will help you to very stable rain fall measurements.

Our sampling instruments are created for stable sampling under all conditions.

Impulses from a rain gauge helps you improve pump operations in sewer wells - especially when you experience heavy rain fall. Use RainAhead together with the Connect series or Chatter data logger to control your pumps or be alarmed of amounts of incoming water.

rainAhead improves your performance.
When connecting the rainAhead to, for instance a Mµ Connect, you will receive a warning of water levels soon-to-come. Based on the impulses from rainAhead, Mµ Connect will start the pumps preparing the sewer wells for the incoming rainfall, thereby averting overflow.
In connection with Chatter, the rainAhaed is used to calculate rain intensity. This provides statistics which can prove pivotal in regards to calculating future capacity of wells and sewer systems.

rainAhead provides exact measurements and is easily connected to the MJK Chatter, providing input for rain statistics.

rainAhead can help control the levels in outdoor basins or ponds.
Connect the precise rain gauge and use the impulse signal to calculate the amount of the rainfall. If connected to Mµ Connect RTU, the pumps can - based on rain intensity - be started before the overflow actually comes .

Rain capacity
2.4mm per minute
0.20mm per impulse, max 12 impulses/minute
Potential free relay
R: 1 KΩ ¼W, Max: 28 V AC/DC, Max: 20 mA