linear positioning stage / single-axis / sliding
max. 73 mm | KT4808-XX-PA(E) - KT7312-XX-PA(E) series



  • Orientation:


  • Number of axes:


  • Other characteristics:



The KT4808-L-PA is a cross table that is ideal for use in positioning of any kind of parts, which includes stops, sensors, limit switches, tables, and as well as cameras. The unit is integrated with bearing block and slides made of anodized aluminum. It also has guide pillars and a self-locking spindle made of stainless steel. It features a bearing slide rail that has a radial backlash on reversal lesser than 0.02 mm.

The KT4808-L-PA has a flexible and modular layout which does not require any clamping after configuration. It is available in two sizes. To operate, the user rotates the scale knob to modify the cross table slide. One graduation mark on the scale knob is equal to a longitudinal movement of 0.1 mm.

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