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electrical power supply connector / DIN / wire-to-board / rectangular
EXTreme Guardian™



  • Type:

    electrical power supply

  • Format:

    DIN, wire-to-board

  • Shape:

    rectangular, straight

  • Connection type:

    flange, screw

  • Electrical characteristics:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Current:

    80 A

  • Pitch:

    11 mm


The Extreme Guardian™ header and cable assemblies, formerly named Extreme Power™ Interconnect (EPIC), it features small package sizes with a centreline pitch of 11.00 millimetre. The system supports up to 80.0A per contact, offers good shielding appearances in EMI-sensitive settings, features hot-plugging abilities and UL security features. Headers are accessible in 2-circuit, single flanged and 3 circuit, dual flanged versions. Cable assemblies are offered in 3 circuits, straight, protected and unprotected types for high voltage requests and are UL touch safe. Moreover, the 2 circuit cabled explanations comprise a conventional, right entry and left entry unprotected type for space saving networks to servers connected in restrained spaces.