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T1100L-F Isolation transmitter is a kind of two-wire looppowered isolation module. The output device could receive the signal from input instrument also powered the input instrument throughT1100L-F.Adopting unique electromagnetism isolation design and high efficiency loop electric-larceny technology independent power supply is not required for the module, realizing 4~20mA standard signal isolation with high ac-curacy it match to kinds of equipment mod-ule inputattachment (PLC/DCS act); Over-current Protection is designed to protect the isolation module and the latter circuit; Besid-es, the module have extremely low temper-ature drift(no more than 35PPM/℃ under -25℃~+71℃ ).The isolation voltage between the input and output can be up to 3KVDC.

Loop-powered with Over-current Protection
Accuracy(0.3% F.S.)
High linearity (0.1% F.S.)
High isolation voltage(3KVDC/60s)
Extremely low temperature drift(35PPM/°C)
High reliability(MTBF>500,000 hours)

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