volumetric dosing dispenser / for the plastics industry / for medical applications / granulates



  • Domain:

    for the plastics industry, for medical applications

  • Type:


  • Applications:

    granulates, powder

  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, hopper, with transfer hopper


Volumetric screw dosing unit with flexible PU hopper for non-free flowing materials

SPECTROFLEX V is ideally suited for dosing powders, pellets, regrind, granulates, flakes and fibers in continuous processes. motan's unique interchangeable system provides two huge advantages over common dosing units.

Firstly, the user can swap the quick exchange modules in less than one minute easily without any tools. Furthermore, the single and twin screw exchange modules are also interchangeable, allowing the user to configure the feeder for nearly any type of material in a matter of minutes.

Dosing of powder and non-free flowing materials
The dosing screws and the intensity of the discharge aid (massage rollers) of the SPECTROFLEX can be adjusted to the type of material.

Active filling of the dosing screw
The massage roller technology creates an active filling of the dosing screw without a mechanical agitator needing to be in the material flow.

Exchange module
The exchange modules can be swapped easily and without any tools. So, material changeovers can be made quickly and without previous clean-down of the dosing hopper.

The exchange modules come in different versions, equipped with either single, double, spiral or auger screws, allowing the user to configure the dosing unit for nearly any type of
material in a matter of minutes.

No mechanical agitators
Thanks to the massage rollers you don’t need to use mechanical agitators wihich are in direct material contact. So even difficult and fragile materials will not be damaged.